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WeCan provides professional diverse women with a supportive network and a one-stop business advice to be a confident entrepreneur and a thriving business owner

The future is entrepreneurial. There are many opportunities to create your own jobs/businesses with more flexibility, creating multiple sources of revenue, working remotely, and spending more time with your kids. You may have a full-time job and have a side hassle as a self-employed, you may be an entrepreneur who has a part-time job, you may be a business owner who automated business and learns new hobbies or volunteers, you may be a passionate business owner who is busy and fulfilled. Opportunities are endless; we just need to see them in each unique individual context and situation. “Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled,” Howard Stevenson. Don’t miss your opportunity! 

In WeCan we are providing consulting and coaching to women on how to build or reinvent your brand as a professional, how to start and/or grow your business. This involves a complex of curated education, mentorship, consulting, coaching, referral to other resources and partners, and safe space so you find self-realization and decent living. It is called a one-stop shop for a reason.

Business Management Training

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The difference of our course is that it is highly experiential in a small group. It is not just a course but an opportunity to learn practical skills to be applied in your business. Check out our training page for more information. There is also grant available for Alberta-based businesses.

Individual Business Consulting

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Whether you are just starting your business or growing it you can rely on individual approach in identifying, clarifying, and helping you achieve your business goals in all areas such as clarity and focus, financial analysis, marketing, sales, operations and many other questions, specific to your situation. You can experience a small part of it to help you decide about the fit via free 30 minute consultation below.

Grow Your Business Mastermind

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In a Mastermind format of a selected small group of business owners who are at the same journey point as you are with a guidance from experienced facilitators and accountability to your peers you will identify all you need to grow your business further. Get to your WHY, WHAT, HOW, and WHO ​and work on your business, not in your business. After 360-degree review of your business, and curated homework assignments you will have a clear plan and path to growth. 

Connecting for Good. Outcomes Matter.

Zulfira Pulotova, Founder & CEO of Connect Local & Global Inc. successfully launched her management consulting business in Calgary two years after immigrating to Canada. She was able to bring the education, skills and experience from diverse sectors, countries, and disciplines to find the focus, take a lead and reinvent herself as a woman entrepreneur in pursuit of fulfilling career and life. A wife and mother of three sons, she was able to move forward from an entry-level position, she took temporarily in Canada after 15 years of management and leadership roles overseas, to her current role despite personal and professional setbacks, by focusing on her initial immigration purpose - to provide better professional opportunities and lifestyle for her family and self and positively impacting lives in Canada and globally.  Zulfira founded WeCan Initiative with a passion to help other women to reach their potential by being entrepreneurial.


"I know the challenges of looking for a job in a new country and running business firsthand. If you are ready for taking action I will go alongside with you because I know that together WeCan!"

WeCan Clients Are Saying

"I was preparing to open the doors of my Centre in April, but quarantine changed the plans. Participation in WeCan Mastermind group helped me re-design my business launch strategy, get first clients, empowered me as a business owner. Besides, being a part of WeCan Network provided me with a support system and the peace of mind it gave me during these uneasy months is priceless."

Olga M.,

Alberta Education Centre, Owner

"I participated in a Mastermind during quarantine when our wellness salon was ordered to close, and it not only boosted my emotional state but also provided a space to rethink my role in my business. Now I feel better as I pulled myself out  of some service provision and have more time to implement the strategies I learned in the Mastermind."

Alina l., Alina's Wellness & Beauty Salon, Owner

"Thanks to a structured group learning and advice from Zulfira and Mayya I was able to pivot my business model and increase my sales orders in 3 months in spite of COVID-19 situation when you would think buying designer clothes would be last on people's mind."

Oxana M., OnnaBoutique, Owner & Designer

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